I Love to Read Music!: Music Reading Primer – Cello/Bass


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Music Reading Primer includes 101 pages, and 50 lessons alternating with pitches in only quarter notes, and rhythms only on an open string. The lessons range in difficulty from barely beginning reading to the notes on all four strings in first position, including accidentals and at least five keys, (but no key signatures); and in the rhythms, from just quarters to wonderfully challenging compound and complex rhythms.

The reading student will delight at the snatches of familiar tunes (folk songs, primary, spirituals, Americana, Suzuki, etc.) woven into the lessons as little hidden treasures, but never with all correct notes or rhythms, so the student is not able to shift into “by ear” gear, but must read. Teachers will appreciate the repetitive drilling and review of important skills in reading; for instance, after a tie over the bar line is learned, there is one in every lesson thereafter.

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