Are Day Violins and Day Murray Music two separate businesses?

Day Violins is a separate business, run by Adam Day, the son of the owners of Day Murray Music. Both businesses are housed in the same building but are two separate companies. To see the quality instruments and services Day Violins has to offer, check out their website here.

How do I buy a product?

The product can be bought when you hit the button “Add to cart”.

How do I find music teachers, book studios, or see upcoming events?

All of the information regarding our local store can be found at our local website here.

How do I place a school order?

Our school’s representative, Bonita, will answer any of your questions and will help you order the items you need. To reach out to Bonita or to fill out an order form, check out our profit sharing page here . You may also call the store directly at 801-266-3537 and ask for Bonita.

How does the instrument rental process work step by step?

The rental process takes place through an online kiosk. Please make sure you fill out every line of information on the rental form. Rent-My-Instrument will process your order and ship the instrument(s) to your home. Standard shipping is free and will take between 2-3 days to arrive. Please keep the box it arrives in, just in case you need to mail it back for repairs. Rent-My-Instrument will cover the return postage fees for repairs.

I have been told from other sources that this particular item is “out of print”. Is that true?

Sometimes when items are labeled as “out of print” it can mean it’s temporarily out of print, permanently out of print, or only out of stock and not available to other stores’ sales floor. With Day Murray Music, we will tell you if something is truly “out of print” and how long we expect those items to arrive. Most items take 7- 10 business days from the time WE place the order, to arrive at our store. We have been known for getting our publishers to “print on demand” for our customers.

If the publisher has the item in question on “temporarily out of print” they may tell us when it is scheduled for printing, in which case we pass that information along to the customer. If the item is “permanently out of print” with the publishers, we will let you know as soon as we hear from the publisher.

The music I want isn’t on your website, what should I do?

If the music is in print, we will do our best to order any music that doesn’t appear on our website. Fax your order to 801-266-4053, call us at 801-266-3537, or email us at info@sheetmusicauthority.com and we will research your music and get it ordered for you!

What if I need to switch to a different instrument or don’t like the one I was sent?

If you would like to exchange your instrument for another one, or want to switch out a flute for a clarinet, you can. Simply return your current instrument to Rent-My-Instrument in its original box and packaging and they will cover the postage. If you like the instrument you are sent the second time, there is nothing additional you need to do. (A new agreement may apply with an instrument exchange. Please see Rent My Instruments Terms & Conditions page for exchange details). Your first instrument rent can be applied on your second instrument and you lose nothing when you decide to purchase.

What if the item I ordered becomes unavailable?
  • Orders are subject to availability of products. Publishers frequently discontinue products without notification. 
  • The customer will be contacted with order status, expected delivery, and if an item is temporarily or permanently unavailable as soon as possible. 
  • The order will ship when all items are available unless requested otherwise.