I Love to Read Music!: Complete Reading Flashcards – Violin


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Complete Reading Flash Cards include six sections and come with instructions:

1. White note cards: all notes have the Kodaly solfege syllables and the Curwen hand signs on the back of the card.

  • Violin: includes all 1st position notes, and continues up through c4 above the 5th ledger line, and includes enharmonic chromatic notes, a double flat, and a double sharp.
  • Viola: includes 1st & some higher position notes in alto clef, and up through c3 on the 2nd ledger line in treble clef, plus enharmonic chromatic notes, a double flat, and a double sharp.
  • Cello/Bass: includes 1st position and higher notes in bass clef, and up through c2 in tenor and treble clefs, plus enharmonic chromatic notes, a double flat, and a double sharp.
  • 2. Blue key signature cards: includes 15 cards containing all 30 keys, majors and relative minors, and the number and names of sharps or flats therein.

    3. Orange interval cards: 37 cards include

  • Harmonic intervals over middle c, unison up through major 10th, including all perfect intervals, all major and minor intervals, and some augmented and diminished, e.g., tri-tones and augmented 2nd.
  • The same harmonic intervals built over various other pitches, all over the finger board, unison through major 10th.
  • 4. Green signs and symbols: 78 cards containing note and rest values, meters, articulations, dynamics, ornamentation, musical shorthand, clefs, musical road signs, notation, measure repeat signs, and multi-bar rests.

    5. Yellow terms: includes 80 cards of classic Italian terms, tempo markings, style, bowing, articulation, e.g., con sordino, col legno, lusingando, ossia, pizz., restez, V.S., simile, subito, sul ponticello, vamp, and dozens of others.

    6. Cherry elementary theory cards: 29 cards containing scales, (including major, and three minors, pentatonic, whole tone,) plus modes, triads, cadences, the circle of 5ths, and “solfege chromatic scale.”

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