Easy Primary Songs – Piano


  • Paralee Miles Eckman
  • Easy PianoSacredSacredPrimary (LDS)

  • Level / Grade: Easy-Medium
  • Accompaniment: Solo, Unaccompanied
  • Format: Musicbook/Songbook
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  • Publisher: Piano Kids

  • Publisher: Jackman Music
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“Easy Primary Songs for Piano” is the perfect book for beginning pianists who can play hands together. You'll find many of the most well-loved primary songs in this book, arranged in a simple but beautiful way.

In an effort to make this book simple and approachable, every song has been arranged in the keys of C, G, or F. Each song displays a keyboard chart above, showing the beginning hand positions and the sharps/flats included in the piece. Songs have been ordered by level of difficulty (Beginner: Level 1 to Level 2). Watch for helpful tips above each song and don’t be afraid to refer to the pages in the front which contain helpful tools and basic piano/music theory.

* While this book is perfect for developing pianists, it could also be used in a primary setting as a simplified songook for the accompanist.

A Happy Family
Book of Mormon Stories
Dare to Do Right
Families Can Be Together Forever
Give Said the Little Stream
Happy, Happy Birthday
Have a Very, Merry Christmas
He Sent His Son
I Am a Child of God
I Believe in Being Honest
I Feel My Savior's Love
I Hope They Call Me on a Mission
I Lived in Heaven
I Love to See the Temple
I Want to Be a Missionary Now
I Will Be Valiant
In the Leafy Treetops
Pioneer Children Sang as They Walked
It's Autumn-time
Keep the Commandments
Mother Dear
My Dad
My Heavenly Father Loves Me
Oh, What do You Do in the Summertime?
Once There Was a Snowman
Quickly I'll Obey
Search, Ponder and Pray
Seek the Lord Early
Teach Me to Walk in the Light
Thank Thee for Everything
The Golden Plates
We'll Bring the World His Truth
When Joseph Went to Bethlehem
When He Comes Again

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