Primary Passages, Book 1


  • arr. Vicky L. Hammond & Judy N. Dalby
  • Easy PianoSacredSacredPrimary (LDS)

  • Level / Grade: Beginning
  • Accompaniment: Solo, Unaccompanied
  • Format: Book (Letter Size)
  • Catalog #: HDPP-1
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With these arrangements, young pianists will be able to easily play many of the songs they have learned and loved in Primary. Grown-ups with little or no piano experience can also play these songs — all that is necessary is a piano and a desire to play. Now many homes with pianos but without accomplished musicians can have accompaniments to their songs for Family Home Evenings and other family gatherings.


• Jesus Wants Me for A Sunbeam

• A Thank You Song

• Book of Mormon Stories

• Jesus Said Love Every One

• Little Lamb So Light and Fair

• Give Said the Little Stream

• Come Follow Me

• When We're Helping

• Beautiful Savior

• Chapel Doors

• Quickly I'll Obey

• Love One Another

• Do As I'm Doing

• Rain Is Falling All Around

• Jesus Is Our Loving Friend

• Do What Is Right

• Joy

• The Golden Plates

• Once There Was A Snowman

• I Am A Child of God

• Mother Dear

• There Is Beauty All Around

• Obey God's Word

• Two Smiles

• Little Pioneer Children

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