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    Piano Solo

  • by Eugenie Rocherolle
  • Piano MusicPiano RepertoireModern RepertoireCollection

  • Level / Grade: Early Intermediate / Intermediate
  • Series: Center Stage Solos
  • Accompaniment: Solo, Unaccompanied
  • Format: Musicbook/Songbook
  • Catalog #: WP1212
  • Publisher: Neil A. Kjos Music Company

  • Publisher: Neil A. Kjos Music Company
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The selections included in this collection of delightful solos are early works from among Eugénie Rocherolle’s many compositions for piano. Her abilities as a composer are obvious even early in her journey as one of America’s finest composers. Diverse styles are represented including gospel, an Irish jig, ballads, a charming waltz, a lullaby and a fun piece rich with 7th chords.

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