Mitchell on Trumpet


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Mitchell on Trumpet was written to provide the prudent student with the necessary skills to overcome any obstacle that they may encounter. The complete method starts at the very beginning and extends to the extreme limits of the horn through a gradual progression of 82 logically balanced lessons plus a companion set of warm-ups.

The Warm-ups volume is a complete compilation of exercises and studies uniquely designed to maintain a strong, flexible embouchure, finger dexterity, sight-reading, range, and endurance at the highest level. The resources for maintaining these essential elements are found within this volume and are designed to be a faithful daily companion to the developing trumpet player and professional musician alike.

Mitchell on Trumpet is a proven compilation of lessons that took many years to develop. It was designed to make the study of trumpet an enjoyable experience. You are continuing your study of a method revered by music educators around the globe; a method which stands unequaled by any other published approach for trumpet.

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