Dancing with the World, Book 2


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A new, four-book series by composer Wynn-Anne Rossi. The Dancing with the World series is inspired by international dance, rhythms and melodies, uniting performers in the celebration of movement. A brief introduction related to the background of each dance is included for every piece, and the music can be used as the basis of a themed recital to celebrate the history and cultural significance of each dance. Book 2 is arranged at the Late Elementary/Early Intermediate Level and includes dances from Turkey, Rwanda, France, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Ukraine (Wild Hopak), Iceland (Vikivaki), Argentina, India and more!

• Whirling Dervish (Turkey)
• Hula at the Luau (Hawaii)
• Beautiful Dancers of Rwanda (Rwanda)
• La Belle Quadrille (France)
• Story of the Khon (Thailand)
• Around the Maypole (United Kingdom)
• Wild Hopak (Ukraine)
• Vikivaki (Iceland)
• Sidewalk Lindy Hop (New York City)
• Deep Purple Tango (Argentina)
• Bhanga Meets Bollywood (India)

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