Circles: Character Etudes in 24 Keys


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Circles features 24 original character etudes by Phillip Keveren, representing all of the 12 major and minor keys. These brief solos range widely in emotion and each is absolutely delightful to play. The set was inspired by the calendar months from the viewpoint of someone living in the northern hemisphere (where Keveren grew up), therefore the C Major etude is also titled “New Beginnings” while F Major, the penultimate etude, is called “Sleigh Bells.” May be performed as a set, in selected keys, or individually.


• Etude in A-flat Major (Lessons With Robert)

• Etude in A-flat minor (Harvest Moon)

• Etude in A Major (Spring Song)

• Etude in A minor (Raindrops)

• Etude in B-flat Major (Giving Thanks)

• Etude in B-flat minor (Snowfall Silence)

• Etude in B Major (Doo-Wop)

• Etude in B minor (Sunset Sail)

• Etude in C Major (New Beginnings)

• Etude in C minor (Graylight)

• Etude in C-sharp minor (Thunderstorm Toccata)

• Etude in D-flat Major (Footloose)

• Etude in D Major (Jig)

• Etude in D minor (Kite Dance)

• Etude in E-flat Major (Falling Leaves)

• Etude in E-flat minor (Pizzicato Pumpkin)

• Etude in E Major (Sunflower)

• Etude in E minor (Firefly Waltz)

• Etude in F Major (Sleigh Bells)

• Etude in F minor (Afterglow)

• Etude in F-sharp Major (Fireworks)

• Etude in F-sharp minor (Looking Back)

• Etude in G Major (Skater's Serenade)

• Etude in G minor (Remembering)

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