By Small & Simple Means


    Vocal Selections

  • by Greg Hansen & Janice K. Perry
  • Vocal MusicSacredSacred

  • Level / Grade: Easy
  • Accompaniment: Piano accompaniment
  • Format: Musicbook/Songbook
  • Catalog #: 10210
  • Publisher: Jackman Music

  • Publisher: Jackman Music
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Vocal songbook by Greg Hansen and Janice K. Perry.

• By Small & Simple Means
• He was Watching over Me
• He is the Way
• I Marvel at the Miracle
• Save the Family
• O Fairest Land of Adam Ondi Ahman
• In His Love
• As a Shepherd
• The Seasons of My Life
• It Could have been Eden
• In Jesus' Tomb
• Constant & True
• Protejamos la Familia

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