• A.R. Rahman | arr. Ethan Sperry
  • Category / Instrument: Choral music
  • Subcategory / Voicing: SATB
  • Series: global rhythms
  • Genre: International
  • Other Classifications: Secular
  • Languages: Tamil
  • Accompaniment: A cappella with opt percussion
  • Format: A4 Single Sheet (Euro size)
  • Catalog #: S-339
  • Publisher: Earthsongs

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Balleilakka (arranged for earthsongs by Ethan Sperry) is a song from the Tamil film Sivaji, which means “The Boss.” Tamil is the language of the Southern Indian province of Tamil Nadu whose capital, Chennai (Madras under British rule) is India’s third-largest city and A.R. Rahman’s home. An old language dating back to before 300 B.C., Tamil is the native language of Singapore and Sri Lanka as well as tens of millions of Indians (there are almost 2,000 newspapers in print in Tamil today of which about 350 are daily papers). The text of this piece is a tongue-twister lamenting how traditional Indian culture is being subsumed and listing the speaker’s memories of his homeland in increasingly faster syllabic patterns.

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