Thoughts on the Suzuki Piano School


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  • By Haruko Kataoka
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Thoughts on the Suzuki Piano School was written in 1985 by one of the greatest exponents of the Suzuki Piano School. Kataoka went to study with Suzuki after many years of piano study, and soon realized that traditional approaches to piano teaching were wasting the innate ability of younger students. She hopes that through this little book she can bring to light the unnecessary “suffering” encountered by students and teachers who are using the time-worn read/learn/memorize method of piano study. Some topics covered include: a charming explanation of Shinichi Suzuki's philosophies, the Method itself, how to play, crucial points for beginners (listening, tone, parental assistance), and a thorough overview of Volumes 1 and 2 of the Suzuki Piano School. Her personal touches, triumphs, failures and enlightenment make very interesting reading. All teachers of Suzuki Piano will enjoy and benefit from reading this booklet. Even more important, however, is the fact that non-Suzuki piano teachers should read this, and utilize some of Mrs. Kataoka's thoughts in their teaching. Suzuki parents should also be asked to read this book to assist them in their vital role in the musical education of their children. This book is full of good advice, knowledge and fact.

• Introduction
• What Is The Suzuki Method?
• My Introduction to The Suzuki Method
• My Motivations for Writing This Booklet
• The Suzuki Method
• Learning Can Be Smooth
• Fostering Ability
• Music Should Be Fun
• How to Play the Piano
• The Beginner Stage Is Crucial
• Creating Ability
• Crucial Points For Instruction of Beginners
• Listening
• Tone
• Never Teach Too Much at a Single Lesson
• Study the Technique of Piano Playing
• Written Music and Music Theory Are Unnecessary
• Learning Through Repetition
• Learning from Other Students
• Parental Assistance
• Book 1
• The First Lesson
• The Piano Stool
• Getting Ready to Play
• Beginning to Play
• Legato and Staccato
• How to Study
• Advancing to Book 2
• Reading Music
• Conclusion

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