Theory Time: Silver Medallion Workbook


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The Theory Time Medallion Series Silver workbook is appropriate for students who have a thorough understanding of the Theory Fundamental concepts covered in the Bronze workbook or Primer through Grade 3 of the original Workbook Series. This workbook is appropriate for students who have a solid understanding of the Theory Fundamentals level. Upon completion of the Silver workbook, the student will be ready to enter Grade Six of the original workbook series or the Gold workbook in the Medallion Series. The Silver workbook covers the early intermediate level of music theory which includes the concepts taught in Grades Four and Five from the original workbook series. It presents drawing the treble & bass clefs, treble clef lines & spaces, bass clef lines & spaces, staff & grand staff, notation, 8th note & rest, 16th note & rest, dotted quarter & dotted 8th notes, note groupings, time signature, rhythm drill, stem rule, ledger lines, melodic & harmonic intervals, chromatic signs, half & whole steps, enharmonic notes, major scale pattern, all Major scales & key signatures, Circle of Fifths, tonic, subdominant & dominant triads, major & minor 3rds, major triads and vocabulary. This workbook includes 83 pages, 17 Lessons and 7 Fun Sheets.

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