The Best of Mozart for String Quartet or String Orchestra



For decades the aim of young string players was to become soloists or orchestra players. The last several years have altered this trend considerably. Chamber music has now become a way of life for many instrumentalists. This does not imply there is a lack of interest in solo and orchestra work; as a matter of fact, our whole musical educational system is based on fine orchestras and band ensembles.

This album is designed to open the door to string quartet playing. The editors have chosen movement from the vast output of Mozart string quartets and assembled them according to the difficulty level. Care has been taken to edit each part with contemporary fingerings and bowings. Selections were chosen to provide each player with a meaningful part, and can serve two purposes:

1.) to learn some of the more important movements of Mozart's quartets
2.) to serve as an encore collection for recital purposes.

A string bass part has been added along with the score so that the album is suitable for string orchestra as well as string quartet.


• Adagio (K. 170)
• Allegretto (K. 156)
• Allegro (K. 80)
• Allegro (K. 155)
• Allegro (K. 157)
• Divertimento (K. 138)
• Entr'acte (K. 138)
• Fugue (K. 168)
• Melody (K. 155)
• Menuetto (K. 421)
• Menuetto (K. 465)
• Menuetto and Trio (K. 298)
• Presto (K. 156)
• Presto (K. 157)
• Presto (K. 160)
• Rondo (K. 80)
• Rondo (K. 159)

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