Superhero Themes




Here they come to save the day!

This collection features 14 songs about your favorite superheroes from TV and the movies. Each book in the series comes with online access to audio demos and backing tracks to help you hear how the song should sound. Then you can play along and sound like a pro! The audio demos and tracks are available to download or stream.


• Theme from Marvel's Ant-man

• The Avengers (from The Avengers)

Batman Theme

• Captain America March (from Captain America)

• Elastigirl Is Back (from Incredibles 2)

• Guardians Inferno (from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2)

• Immortals (From Big Hero 6)

• The Incredits (from The Incredibles)

• Iron Man (from Iron Man)

• Pow! Pow! Pow! – Mr. Incredibles Theme (from Incredibles 2)

• Rocketeer End Titles (from The Rocketeer)

• Theme from Spider Man

• Wakanda (from Black Panther)

• X-men: Apocalypse – End Titles (from X-men: Apocalypse)

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