Orchestra Expressions, Book Two: Student Edition



  • by Kathleen DeBerry Brungard et. al.
  • Editor: Anne C. Witt
  • Orchestra MusicOrchestra MethodsInstrumental Methods

  • Series: Orchestra Expressions
  • Accompaniment: CD or Online Audio-Play Along
  • Format: Book with CD(s)
  • Catalog #: 00-EMCO2004CD
  • Publisher: Alfred Publishing

  • Publisher: Alfred Publishing
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By Kathleen DeBerry Brungard, Michael Alexander, Gerald Anderson, Sandra Dackow, consulting editor Anne C. Witt, and contributing arrangers Jack Bullock, Victor López, and Tom Roed

Orchestra Expressions™ provides music educators at all levels with easy-to-use, exciting tools to meet daily classroom challenges and bring new vibrancy and depth to teaching music. The lessons were written based on the National Standards for the Arts in Music — not retro-fitted to the Standards. The program is music literacy-based and satisfies reading and writing mandates in orchestra class. The pedagogy involves a “four-fingers-down” start for every instrument and separate but simultaneous development of both hands.

Each student book features an attractive full-color interior with easy-to-read notes and includes:
-A 59-track accompaniment CD that covers Units 1-15 (a second CD covering Units 16-33 is available separately)
-Historical notes on some of the most notable composers of orchestral music
-A thorough glossary of musical terms
-Scales and warm-up exercises

Future reprints may be printed with black and white interiors.

This title is available in SmartMusic.

• (Meet) The Flintstones
• A Lamb in Wolf's Clothing
• A Tricky Twinkle
• A Twinkle in Your Eye
• Accent on a Rock
• Accent!
• Aim High
• America (My Country 'Tis of Thee)
• America the Beautiful
• Another Extension Chord
• Anvil Chorus
• Arirang
• Avoid an Accident
• Barcarolle
• Basketball Dribble
• Batman Theme
• Bee Flat Bug Spray
• Bee Flat Stinger
• Blowing Triplet Blues
• The Blue Bells of Scotland
• Bow Speed Waltz
• Bull's Eye
• Caissons Go Rolling Along
• Can Can
• Canon in D
• Che Che Koolay
• Cheki Morena
• Chester
• Chromatic Colors
• Come Back to Sorrento
• Crawfish Boil
• Crew Cut
• Cross Walk
• Cut the Mustard
• Cutting Edge
• Dance Russe Trepak
• Day to Day
• Deep Six
• Double Dribble
• Down Draft
• Echo Cello
• Ein Keiloheinu
• Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
• En el Lejano Boxque
• Etude
• Extension Chord
• Fiddlin' Frenzy
• Field Goal
• Frog Hollow
• Haak Gyo Jong
• Habanera
• Hang Gliding
• Hi Ho Mary Oh
• Hopp Hopp Hopp
• Hornpipe
• Humbani Kahle
• I Don't Know You
• Imbabura
• Irish Washerwoman
• Jim Along Josie
• Jingli Nona
• Jupiter
• Kang Ding Qing Ge
• Kiowa Love Song
• Lady Lady
• Lamb Chops (based on Mary Had a Little Lamb)
• Lamb Chops B-A-A-Ad Variation
• Largo from “New World Symphony
• Las Mananitas
• Laughing
• Lil' Liza Jane
• Little Apple
• Los Pollitos
• Malambo
• March of the Dots
• Mary's Lamb
• Mattachings (Sword Dance)
• Night in the Desert
• O Mio Babbino Caro (from “Gianni Schicchi”)
• Off to War (from Marriage of Figaro)
• Oh, Susanna
• Over the Rainbow (from “The Wizard of Oz”)
• Push 'Em Back
• Red Beans and Rice
• Sailor's Song
• Scarborough Fair
• Scotland the Brave
• Scribble Dribble
• Sea Shanty (Blow the Man Down)
• Serenade for Strings
• Shake the Papaya Down
• Shalom Chaverim
• Shepherd's Hey
• Short Twins
• Siciliano
• Skip to My Lou
• Star Wars (Main Title)
• Stretch Limo
• Sweetly Sings the Donkey
• Target Practice
• The Cuckoo
• The Little Birch Tree
• The Merry Wives of Windsor
• The Star Spangled Banner
• The Yellow Rose of Texas
• This Land Is Your Land
• Three Red Roses
• Ton-Y-Bote!
• Triplet Trio
• Turkish March
• Uskudar
• Vive la Compagnie
• Waltzing Matilda
• When Johnny Comes Marching Home
• When the Saints Go Marching In
• William Tell Overture

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