Keyboard Town: for Beginners at the Piano


  • Louise Robyn
  • Piano MusicMethodsInstrumental Methods

  • Level / Grade: Beginner
  • Format: Musicbook/Songbook
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  • Publisher: Theodore Presser Company

  • Publisher: Theodore Presser Company
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Keyboard town is a great method for beginners. Using this book will teach students how to read notes fluently in both clefs. This book also has the student develop strong sight reading skills after the second lesson by the use of traffic signals in the music. That is, a red light in the music tells the student they can look down at their fingers to find their notes and a green light tells the student to keep their eyes on the music. Another great feature of this book is that the student is always to sing or say the names of the notes aloud when playing the little songs or exercises in the book. So many students deal too late in the game with the idea of the piano singing; having the student sing out loud really helps with teaching phrasing.


• The Double House

• Daddy and Doctor Middle C

• Right and Left Side

• Downtown and Uptown

• Cane Upturned, Cane Downturned

• In the Middle of the Town

• The Middle Key

• D' Home and B's Store

• Knicks the Pilot

• The Nose-Dive Wrist

• Daddy At Home and Doctor Downtown

• Take a Trip

• So Solemn and Wise

• Home and Store

• Neighbors E and A

• 'Cross Garden Wall

• Neighbors Play Together

• Romping Children

• A Sells Red Apples

• A Happy Melody

• A Doleful Melody

• Streets in Keyboard Town

• Lamp-Post Uptown and Downtown

• Street Names

• Homes on Lines and Spaces

• Skip One Key

• Cross the Street With Care

• Honk Your Horn

• C.C. For Crossing Cop

• When To Stop

• Crossing the Street

• Neighbors F and G

• G In His Grocery Store

• F's Home and G's Store

• Walking Uptown and Downtown

• Take a Walk

• Friends of F and G

• Friends Meet and Greet

• Half-Notes in White Suits and Canes

• Downtown and Uptown Half-Notes

• Lucky Whole-Notes

• Whole-Notes Have No Canes

• Two Round Dollars Each

• Quarter-Notes in Dark Suits

• Neighbors G and F

• Downtown Friends

• Lines Uptown and Downtown

• Sunday and Monday Suits

• Dressed in Sunday Suits

• Line, Space, Line Progression

• One Line Between

• Which Would You Rather Be?

• The G and F Clef

• François and George Clef

• George Clef Called “G” for Short

• Uptown and Downtown Clefs

• Home Ties

• Fountains in the Town Park

• Share With Your Buddy

• Fun and Friends, and Lessons Done

• Schools in Keyboard Town

• G and F Bells Ring

• Neighbors E and A

• Walking To School

• Watch the Numbers

• Clever Fingers

• Downtown Hand

• Walking Home From School

• School Grades

• School Grades Uptown

• We March Down and Up

• Going Home to C

• Skip a Note

• Up the Hill, Down the Hill

• Fun with Fingers

• Find Your Way

• Easy Grades

• School Grades Downtown

• D and B Join the Ranks

• Octave C Comes To Town

• Octave C Uptown and Downtown

• Careful Notes

• Now We Go Up and Down

• Take Your Time

• Octave C in Both Clefs

• Octave C Walks Alone

• Home and Store Friends

• The Weather Man

• Jolly Days

• Snow-Drifts Cascading

• Grades Uptown and Downtown

• The C Stations

• Poor High C Alone

• Low C is Hurt

• Up to High C, Down to Low C

• Watch Your Fingers

• Calling All Stations

• Juggling the Clefs

• F Clef and G Clef Exchange Visits

• F Clef in G Clef's Home

• Both Hands For F Clef

• Stations Eight Keys Apart

• Flying Aloft

• Call Your Station

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