Free Organ Accompaniments to 100 Well-Known Hymn Tunes


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    by T. Tertius Noble
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T. Tertius Noble presents here a collection of free organ accompaniments similar to “Fifty Free Organ Accompaniments to Well-Known Hymn Tunes.” These two books taken together cover the hymn repertoire common to all types of American churches. Each hymn tune is arranged with the hymn melody on a separate staff above Noble's original accompaniment arrangement notated on the grand staff (without a separate pedal staff). These are perfect for accompanying choirs, soloists, or in congregational settings.

• Adeste Fidelis (Cantus Diversi)
• Albany (Ancient of Days) (by J. Albert Jeffery)
• Alford (by John B. Dykes)
• All Saints (New) (by Henry S. Cutler)
• America (Thesaurus Musicus)
• Amsterdam (by James Nares)
• Ancient of Days (Albandy) (by J. Albert Jeffery)
• Aurelia (by Samuel S. Wesley)
• Austria (by Franz Joseph Haydn)
• Beecher (by John Zundel)
• Bethany (by Lowell Mason)
• Bread of Heaven (by William D. Maclagan)
• Breslau (Leipzig 1625)
• Canonbury (by Robert Schumann)
• Caswall (by Friedrich Filitz)
• Coronation (by Oliver Holden)
• Crusader's Hymn (St. Elizabeth) (Silesian Melody)
• Dennis (arr. from Johann G. Nageli)
• Diademata (by George J. Elvey)
• Dix (by Conrad Kocher)
• Duke Street (by John Hatton)
• Dulce Carmen (Plain Chant)
• Dundee (Scottish Psalter)
• Easter Hymn (by Lyra Davidica)
• Ebenezer (Tony Botel) (by Thomas J. Williams)
• Ellers (by Edward J. Hopkins)
• Ein Feste Burg (by Martin Luther)
• Eventide (by William H. Monk)
• Fortunatus (by Arthur S. Sullivan)
• Garden City (by Horatio S. Parker)
• Gerontius (by John B. Dykes)
• God Rest You Merry Gentlemen (Traditional)
• Grace Church (by Ignaz J. Pleyel)
• Greenland (by J. Michael Haydn)
• Hamburg (arr. by Lowell Mason)
• Hanover (by William Croft)
• Heinlein (by Nürnbergisches Gesangbuch)
• Hollingside (by John B. Dykes)
• Holy Night (by Franz Gruber)
• In Babilone (Traditional Dutch)
• Kremser (Traditional Netherlands)
• Lancashire (by Henry Smart)
• Langran (by James Langran)
• Laudes Domini (by Joseph Barnby)
• Leoni (Traditional)
• Lobe den Herren (Stralsund Gesangbuch)
• Louvan (by Virgil C. Taylor)
• Lyons (by J. Michael Haydn)
• Marion (by Arthur H. Messiter)
• Materna (by Samuel A. Ward)
• Melcombe (by Samuel Webbe)
• Melita (by John B. Dykes)
• Mendebras (arr. Lowell Mason)
• Mendelssohn (by Felix Mendelssohn)
• Mendon (arr. Samuel Dyer)
• Merrial (by Joseph Barnby)
• Merton (by William H. Monk)
• Munich (Meiningen Gesangbuch)
• Nicaea (by John B. Dykes)
• Nun Danket (by Johann Crueger)
• O Filii et Filiae (Fifteenth Century)
• O Quanta Qualia (Methode du Plain Chant)
• Old 100th (Original Version) (by Louis Bourgeois)
• Old 124th (by Louis Bourgeois)
• Olivet (by Lowell Mason)
• Ora Labora (by T. Tertius Noble)
• Penitence (by Spencer Lane)
• Pentecost (by William Boyd)
• Picardy (Traditional French)
• Pilgrims (by Henry Smart)
• Rathbun (by Ithamar Conkey)
• Ratisbon (by Johann G. Werner)
• Regent Square (by Henry Smart)
• Rest (Whittier) (by Frederick C. Maker)
• Rockingham (Old) (by Edward Miller)
• Russian (by Alexis T. Lvov)
• St. Agnes (by John B. Dykes)
• St. Anne (by William Croft)
• St. Asaph (by Willliam S. Bambridge)
• St. Catherine (by Hemy & Walton)
• St. Christopher (by Frederick C. Maker)
• St. Crispin (by George J. Elvey)
• St. Elizabeth (Crusader's Hymn) (Silesian Melody)
• St. Geertrude (by Arthur S. Sullivan)
• St. Hilda (by Justin H. Knecht)
• St. James (by Raphael Courteville)
• St. Louis (by Lewis H. Redner)
• St. Peter (by Alexander R. Reinagle)
• St. Thomas (Cantus Diversi)
• St. Thomas (Williams) (by Aaron Williams)
• Sicilian Mariners (Sicilian Melody)
• Stuttgart (by Chrstian F. Witt)
• Tallis' Canon (by Thomas Tallis)
• The First Nowell (Traditional)
• Tony Botel (Ebenezer) (by Thomas J. Williams)
• Toulon (by Louis Bourgeois)
• Victory (by Palestrina)
• Vigiles et Sancti (Cologne Gesangbuch)
• Walsall (English Melody)
• Waltham (by J. Baptiste Calkin)
• Watchman (by Lowell Mason)
• Webb (by George J. Webb)
• Winchester New (Musikalisches Handbuch)
• Windsor (by M. William Damon)

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