Bastien Piano Basics: Piano – Primer


  • James & Jane Smisor Bastien
  • Piano MusicMethodsInstrumental Methods

  • Level / Grade: Primer Level
  • Series: Bastien Piano Basics
  • Format: Musicbook/Songbook
  • Catalog #: WP200
  • Publisher: Neil A. Kjos Music Company

  • Publisher: Neil A. Kjos Music Company
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Piano is the lesson portion in the Bastien Piano Basics course. Logical lesson plans assure reliable and consistent progress while vibrant illustrations delight and reinforce musical concepts along the way. Original music by the Bastiens includes a gratifying mixture of pop, folk, classical, and contemporary styles. The continuous multi-key approach takes students through all 12 keys — 3 in each of Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4. All pages are meticulously correlated page-by-page with Theory, Performance, and Technic. These books are a dynamic way to introduce students to the magnificent world of music!

The Primer Level is for average age beginners (7-11). It uses pre-staff notation before introducing the grand staff. Reading is presented with steps, skips, and repeated notes. Music includes a variety of original works, folk songs, and pop styles, many with duet accompaniments.

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