Animal Anthology: Water Play


  • by Valarie Morris
  • Piano MusicPiano RepertoireRepertoire

  • Level / Grade: Easy
  • Series: Animal Anthology
  • Accompaniment: Solo, Unaccompanied
  • Format: Book (Letter Size)
  • Catalog #: 234P
  • Publisher: Sandscape Publications

  • Publisher: Sandscape Publications
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“For the student and teacher seeking original and challenging music for the piano and accordion, Valarie Morris' Animal Anthology series offers witty and finely crafted tunes designed to delight the imagination while expanding the player's skills. Highly recommended.”—Sharon Walters, teacher

A Music Teachers Association of California (MTAC) selection. Cover art by Sherry Miller.

A special collection of 18 tunes about water animals. This book is a good one to play early in the development of piano techniques.

Children and adults love to read the fascinating facts about each animal. Each book also includes information about endangerment and resources to learn more. Easy.

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