Waterman/Harewood Piano Series: Me and My Piano – Parts 1 and 2, Complete Editio


  • By Fanny Waterman and Marion Harewood
  • Piano MusicMethodsInstrumental Methods

  • Level / Grade: Level 1/2
  • Format: Musicbook/Songbook
  • Catalog #: 057154150X
  • Publisher: Faber Music

  • Publisher: Alfred Publishing
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Me and My Piano Complete Edition combines Parts 1 and 2 in one book. Part 1 takes the young pianist step by step through the earliest stages of piano technique, leading to very easy pieces for hands together using a constant five-finger hand position in C major. Part 2 builds on these foundations by extending the compass of notes and introducing new rhythms, note values, chords, and changes of hand position. Games and puzzles throughout give elementary theory a new lease of life, and children will love the rhymes, songs, and Monkey Puzzles pages.

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