Turgi Soja Laul



  • Comp: Veljo Tormis
  • Lyrics / Text: Estonia Runosong
  • Choral MusicMen's VoicesPatriotic

  • Level / Grade: Moderate
  • Series: The Music Of Estonia
  • Languages: Estonain
  • Accompaniment: A cappella
  • Format: Octavo – Choral
  • Catalog #: WW1603
  • Publisher: GIA Publications

  • Publisher: GIA Publications, Inc.
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Song of the Turkish War


From the larger collection of Men's Songs. The original uses a comic blend of Estonian and Russian to paint the picture of a soldier telling of his larger-than-life experience in war. Uses whistling and shouting to enhance the image. Duration: Approx. 1:15.

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