The Hobbit Trillogy: Instrumental Solos



  • Music: Howard Shore
  • Instrumental MusicViolaPopular

  • Level / Grade: Level 2-3
  • Series: Pop Instrumental Solo Series
  • Accompaniment: Piano or Organ or CD or Online Media
  • Format: Book with CD(s)
  • Catalog #: 42618
  • Publisher: Alfred Publishing

  • Publisher: Alfred Publishing
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Instrumentalists will delight in this collection, which features thematic interpretations of 28 selections from Howard Shore's brilliant scores to The Hobbit motion picture trilogy. Shore masterfully expands upon the musical palette of Middle-earth, blending familiar motifs from the Lord of the Rings trilogy with an exciting array of memorable new themes. This beautifully produced folio features an array of colorful photos from the film.


• Tuning Note (A Concert)

• My Dear Frodo

• Old Friends

• Axe or Sword?

• The Adventure Begins

• Warg-Scouts

• A Good Omen

• Song of the Lonely Mountain

• Dreaming of Bag End

• A Very Respectable Hobbit

• Erebor

• The Dwarf Lords

• Erebor (from The Quest for Erebor) (Theme excerpt)

• Beorn (from Wilderland) (Theme excerpt)

• The Woodland Realm (Theme excerpt)

• Feast of Starlight

• Bard and Family (from Thrice Welcome) (Theme excerpt)

• Lake-town (from Thrice Welcome) (Theme excerpt)

• Girion and Bard (from Girion, Lord of Dale) (Theme excerpt)

• House of Durin (from In the Shadow of the Mountain) (Theme excerpt)

• Smaug (Theme excerpt)

• I See Fire

• Beyond the Forest

• The Gathering of the Clouds

• Mithril

• Sons of Durin

• The Return Journey

• The Last Goodbye

• Ironfoot

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