String Time Joggers: 14 pieces for flexible ensemble



  • 14 fun and characterful ensemble pieces, arranged in suites for concert performance
  • CD with performances and backings for all pieces
  • Flexible scoring for violin, viola, cello, and double bass with piano or CD accompaniment – from two parts to massed string ensemble!
  • Pieces may also be played as solos for violin, viola, or cello, with piano or CD backing
  • Lively illustrations in the pupils' books
  • Corresponds to the level of Fiddle Time Joggers, Viola Time Joggers, and Cello Time Joggers – part 1 uses all fingers, part 2 uses 0-1 only
  • This exciting series by the authors of Fiddle Time, Viola Time, and Cello Time provides great ensemble material for all string groups, whatever their size. String Time Joggers is a must-have for all those looking for imaginative and enjoyable ensemble repertoire.

    The teacher's pack includes full score, piano score, notes on the pieces, and CD with full performances and backings for all pieces.

    • Shark attack!
    • Barrier Reef
    • Cap'n Jack's Hornpipe
    • Simple syncopation
    • Feelin' blue
    • Broadway or bust
    • Tinga Layo
    • Jamaican lullaby
    • Kingston Calypso
    • Spy movie 2
    • Sad movie
    • Action movie
    • Cowboy song
    • Banuwa

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