Sogno di Volare (Movement I from “To Shiver the Sky”)



  • Music: Christopher Tin
    Text: Chiara Cortez, adapted from Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Choral MusicSATBSecularVideo Game

  • Languages: Italian
  • Accompaniment: Piano Reduction
  • Format: Octavo – Choral
  • Catalog #: 48025110
  • Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes

  • Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation
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To Shiver the Sky is an oratorio about the history of flight, and mankind's quest to conquer the heavens. Told through the words of 11 of our greatest astronomers, inventors, visionaries and pilots, it charts our relentless need to explore the universe, defy our earthly bonds, reach for the face of God, and ultimately claim our place among the stars. It is sung in English, Latin, Italian, German, French, Polish, Russian, and Sanskrit. This is the first movement of the work entitled, “Sogno di Volare”.

“Sogno di Volare” is a setting of modern-Italian adaptations of Leonardo da Vinci's writings on flight. It was originally composed as the theme song to the video game Civilization VI. The piece is based around the concept of exploration: both physically, in seeking out new lands, but also intellectually, in seeking out new frontiers of science, technology, and humanities.

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