Ruehr: Collected Works for Piano


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Preludes for Piano
The first two preludes were written in homage to the Debussy Preludes; the titles at the end in the manuscripts. They were inspired by the shores of Lake Superior in northern Michigan. The third prelude, Swing Set, is a virtuosic prelude which uses a twelve tone row in a playful way, first outlining it as a swinging bass line with counter rhythms that recall musical styles as diverse as Minimalism and Romanticism.

Gin Fizz – This rollicking blues-inspired piece is lighthearted and fun.

In C, Too – This piece uses the familiar pedal point of the repeated note C, but also channels Ragtime, and contains a few quotes from other works.

Music, Pink and Blue was inspired by the Georgia O’Keeffe painting of the same name.


Three Preludes for Piano

  • I. Solitary Figure at Water’s Edge
  • II. A Storm Approaches Land
  • III. Swing Set
  • Gin Fizz

    In C, Too

    Music, Pink and Blue

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