Rico Filed Select Jazz Tenor Saxophone 3M



Box of 5 Reeds

Select Jazz reeds in strength 3M feature a thicker spine, combined with a thicker blank and traditional tip, to provide a balanced and round sound with greater projection.

The Rico Select Jazz cut features a strong, well-defined heart, and longer vamp, yielding unprecedented projection and a clear, fat tone. Available with or without a French file. Offered in 1/3rd strengths, allowing the player to fine-tune their exact strength preference.

Huge sound with powerful projection

Strength 3M, Filed cut, box of 5 reeds

Outstanding control and projection

Available in third strengths from 2 to 4, in S (Soft), M (Medium), and H (Hard)

Offered in both Filed and Unfiled models

Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs


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