Prayludes For Communion


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  • Comp: Ruth Elaine Schram
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  • Level / Grade: Intermediate
  • Accompaniment: Solo, Unaccompanied
  • Format: Musicbook/Songbook
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  • Publisher: Lorenz Publishing Company

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Flexible Piano Medleys to Celebrate the Lord's Supper

Ruth Elaine Schram's seasonal collections of “Prayludes” have been received warmly by church musicians for the beauty of her arrangements and their flexible service uses. This collection contains nine creative medleys of hymns, gospel songs, and spirituals, and each gives you a variety of starting and stopping points to allow for the varying lengths of Communion services. Each medley is also designed to flow smoothly into the following piece for times when longer musical meditations are needed. “Prayludes for Communion” will be one of your favorite resources for years to come.


• Let Us Break Bread

• Lord Jesus, Break the Bread

• My King, My Shepherd

• Holy Jesus, Lover of My Soul

• Partake the Bread of the World

• Mercy in the Silence

• In Memory of His Mercy

• Feast of Glory

• What Wondrous Love for Me

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