Passport to Play Guitar, Volume 1: Learn the Guitar in a Creative New Way



  • by Jens Franke & Tim Pells
  • Instrumental MusicGuitarInstrumental Methods

  • Format: Book with Online Media
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  • Publisher: Schott Music

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Learn the guitar in a creative new way: playing music that makes you feel good, right from the outset.

Passport to Play Guitar is an instructional series which is focused on learning to play the guitar through listening, reading, and playing together, and is suitable for both classical and acoustic guitarists. The sheet music includes TAB alongside the standard notation.

The books use music drawn from styles and cultures from all around the world, including blues and jazz from North America; folk and traditional music from Europe, Africa, and Latin America as well as pieces inspired by the people and places that the authors have encountered on their travels.

Because musicians everywhere learn by listening and playing together, our authors have also included audio for every piece. This allows you to play along with other musicians, while learning at the same time.

Tim and Jens (the authors) believe in keeping it simple, which is why they have included clear illustrations and kept the explanatory texts to a minimum.

Passport to Play Guitar is great for beginners, includes TAB alongside the standard notation, and also includes accompaniments for ensemble playing.

Audio is accessed online.

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