Lake Champlain Suite


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This three-movement suite for one piano, four hands was inspired by one of the largest lakes in North America, bordering Vermont, New York, and Quebec. The first movement, “Wind on the Water,” is a flowing piece in 5/4 meter that uses broken chords, broken intervals, and an expansive melody to capture the play of waves on the lake. The second movement, “Mystery of the Deep,” uses two contrasting sections, one mysterious and one cheerfully swinging, to musically portray a folkloric monster who lurks in the depths of Lake Champlain but also delights locals with occasional sightings. The final movement, “Tides of Revolution,” draws upon the lake's history as a pivotal battleground during the American Revolutionary War. Driving rhythms, biting dissonances, changing meters, and dramatic exchanges between the players bring the suite to an exciting close. Optional parts for percussion and violin/flute are available for download for two of the movements.

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