Jamey Aebersold Jazz Volume 3 for Guitar



  • Corey Christiansen
  • Instrumental MusicGuitarJazzInstrumental Methods

  • Level / Grade: Advanced
  • Series: Play Along
  • Format: Book with CD(s)
  • Catalog #: 24-V03G
  • Publisher: Jamey Aebersold Jazz

  • Publisher: Alfred Publishing
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The ii-V7-I Progression for Guitar.
Building on the success and popularity of Volume 1: Jazz Guitar and Volume 2: Nothin' but Blues, Corey Christiansen has adapted another classic, Volume 3: The ii-V7-I Progression for Guitar. As with the previously mentioned adaptations, this one uses both standard and TAB notation and is correlated closely to the original edition, but speaks directly to the aspiring jazz guitarist and addresses all of the important techniques and concepts used by jazz guitar legends to solo and comp over ii-V7s. Completion of this easy-to-understand volume will have you ready to play any song that contains ii-V7s, including most songs of the Bebop and the Great American Songbook era. Includes two CDs of trio accompaniment and demonstration tracks plus free bass- and drum-only mixes available online that allow you to “sit in” and practice without the recorded guitarist present.

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