I Love to Read Music!: Easy Steps to Music Reading Handbook & DVD


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  • by Denise Willey & Cathy Wilson
  • Orchestra MusicOrchestra MethodsInstrumental Methods

  • Series: I Love to Read Music!
  • Format: Book with DVD
  • Publisher: Willey's World Creations

  • Publisher: Willey's World Creations
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Easy Steps is the “how-to” do it book for parents and teachers. Mrs.Willey, with writer, Cathy Wilson, explain in great detail how to teach children to read music, from the first flash card, to the sight reading and advanced etudes & rhythms, and through string quartets and orchestra. Includes tips to save time & avoid pitfalls, helpful and amusing anecdotes, and interesting success stories on related topics, e.g., learning perfect pitch, (p.36), diet & sleeping issues as related to reading music, advanced music reading, etc.

The DVD has Mrs. Willey’s music reading lecture, complete with children who demonstrate how they use the flash cards, books, and drills. It also has a more thorough overview of the educational materials available.

DETAILS: 193 pages in soft cover; DVD: 95 minutes, in plastic pocket at back of book, which includes lecture, children demonstrators. Educational materials demo: 22 minutes.

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