Great Movie Themes for Cello Duet


    Two Cellos

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    arr. Mr. & Mrs. Cello (Massimiliano Martinelli & Fulvia Mancini)
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Hailing from Italy, Mr. Massimiliano Martinelli and Mrs. Fulvia Mancini (Mr & Mrs Cello) are professional cellists, bringing forth their love and veneration for the cello and classical performance into the modern music industry. Students and professionals alike can play their original arrangements presented in full score and as separate Cello 1 and Cello 2 pull-out parts.

• Amarcord (Theme from the film AMARCORD)
• Cinema Paradiso (from CINEMA PARADISO)
• Deborah's Theme (from ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA)
• Eye of the Tiger (Theme from ROCKY III)
• Godfather Finale (from the Paramount Pictures film THE GODFATHER)
• The Godfather (Love Theme) (from the Paramount Picture THE GODFATHER)
• The Immigrant (from the Paramount Pictures film THE GODFATHER PART II)
• Love Story (Theme from the Paramount Picture LOVE STORY)
• Mia & Sebastian's Theme (from LA LA LAND)
• Mission: Impossible Theme (from the Paramount Television Series MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE)
• Moon River (from the Paramount Picture BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S)
• No Time to Die (from NO TIME TO DIE)

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