Fiddle Time Joggers (3rd Edition)



  • by Kathy Blackwell & David Blackwell
  • Instrumental MusicViolinInstrumental Methods

  • Series: Fiddle Time
  • Accompaniment: Piano Accompaniment Book or Play-Along
  • Format: Book with Online Media
  • Catalog #: 9780193559400
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press

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  • lively original pieces, traditional tunes, and easy duets using open strings to finger pattern 0-1-23-4
  • audio play-along and backing (accompaniment only) tracks available on major streaming platforms or to download from a companion website
  • audio practice tracks (recorded at a slower tempo) for some pieces
  • fantastic illustrations by Martin Remphry
  • piano and violin accompaniments available separately in printed collections
  • compatibility with Viola Time Joggers
  • ideal for use alongside Fiddle Time Starters
  • Fiddle Time Joggers is a landmark book in the popular Fiddle Time series, which is enjoyed by students and teachers all over the world. It contains Kathy and David Blackwell's trademark attractive and engaging compositions that appeal to learners of all ages. Lively original pieces, traditional tunes, and easy duets take the learner from open strings to all fingers down in finger pattern 0-1-23-4.

    Appealing and exciting play-along and accompaniment tracks, with live band, string quartet, and fun sound effects, are available on major streaming platforms or to download from a companion website. Stylish piano and violin accompaniments are also available in separate books.

    • Bow down, O Belinda
    • Under arrest!
    • Someone plucks, someone bows
    • Down up
    • Two in a boat
    • London Bridge
    • Fast lane
    • In flight
    • Lift off!
    • Katie's waltz
    • Copy cat
    • Tap dancer
    • Rhythm fever
    • Here it comes!
    • So there!
    • Rowing boat
    • Ally bally
    • Tiptoe, boo!
    • Travellin' slow
    • Lazy cowboy
    • Off to Paris
    • Clare's song
    • City lights
    • The three friends
    • Peace garden
    • Summer sun
    • Phoebe in her petticoat
    • Ready, steady, go now!
    • Cooking in the kitchen
    • Happy go lucky
    • The mocking bird
    • Algy met a bear
    • Listen to the rhythm
    • Cattle ranch blues
    • In the groove
    • Stamping dance
    • Distant bells
    • Lazy scale
    • The old castle
    • Rocking horse
    • Patrick's reel
    • Calypso time
    • Knock, knock!
    • Rocky mountain
    • Carrion crow
    • Flying high
    • Fiddle Time

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