Complete Piano Sonatas, Volume 4


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The Haydn 200th anniversary in 2009 was a welcome occasion to thoroughly revise this legendary edition, since new sources have been discovered since its original printing forty years ago. Questions concerning authenticity have been clarified, and the editorial principles for 18th-century music in particular have markedly changed in the meantime.

The new edition, too, is divided into four volumes, the content of which is compatible with that of each of the volumes of the preceding edition. Plus, it contains the recently discovered “Bolzano Sonata.” Volume 4 of the present new edition contains the complete works published in volume 3 of the former Wiener Urtext edition. In the notes on interpretation, Robert D. Levin explains essential aspects of Haydn’s performance practice. For advanced players.

Hob. XVI:34 (E Minor) •
Hob. XVI:40 (G Major) •
Hob. XVI:41 (Bb Major) •
Hob. XVI:42 (D Major) •
Hob. XVI:47 (F Major) •
Hob. XVI:48 (C Minor) •
Hob. XVI:49 (Eb Major) •
Hob. XVI:50 (C Minor) •
Hob. XVI:51 (D Major) •
Hob. XVI:52 (Eb Major)

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