Building Beautiful Voices (Singers Edition)


  • Paul Nesheim
    Weston Noble
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A concise, yet comprehensive study of vocal technique for the choral rehearsal or private instruction

Whether you are a student of choral and vocal pedagogy, a beginning director, or a veteran of many years in the classroom in need of new and fresh warm-ups to begin your daily rehearsals, this resource is for you! This concise yet comprehensive text is geared toward college classrooms, private voice studios, and those who are currently in the choral classroom. It thoroughly explores the study of vocal technique and includes an extensive collection of related vocalises. The vocalises are presented in a user-friendly way, complete with accompaniments and numerous transpositions. This book contains more than sixty different exercises, each designed to address specific vocal concepts. There is an accompanying student book so that every student can see the exercises, making introduction of new material much easier and more efficient. (Director's edition 30/1054R).


• First Things First

• Breathing Technique

• Making The First Sounds

• Freedom And Relaxation

• Tonal Brillance

• Tonal Depth

• Tone Quality

• Legato

• Sostenuto

• Dynamics

• Consonants

• Articulated Legato

• Flexibility

• Staccato

• Synthesis

• Variation

• Aesthetic Qualities

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