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Delica grew up in a musical family and performed locally in various community theatre venues including the Messiah and performed with the Oratorio Society of Utah. She enjoyed performing and recording with pianist, Dennis Nichols. She trained with Katrina Nelson and received her certification in the Debratone method, with Debra Bonner. She worked side by side with Debra who has trained with some of the top vocal pedagogues of the 20th century including Seth Riggs, Richard Miller, Jan Sullivan, Oren Brown, and professionals from the University of Michigan, Leonard Johnson and John McCullum. Debra has also trained with Dr. Vernon Woolf, one of the leading psychologists in the world, and has discovered how negative emotions influence ones ability to sing. And by clearing negative emotions one can clear problems in the voice. One will have the ability to freely express ones heart in the spoken word as well as song.

The Debratone method will help heal damaged vocal cords and help one sing freely, naturally, and without strain. You will learn how to coordinate your vocal muscles correctly to eliminate vocal problems and then how to strengthen those muscles so that you will also have the ability to sing from very soft to very loud with a beautiful natural tone seamlessly from the chest voice to the head voice and even extending into the superhead voice, notes well beyond high C connected. You will develop your creative expression and flexibility so you can sing with freedom!


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Kelly Knight Clifton is a fun and enthusiastic voice teacher for ALL ages, specializing in Musical Theatre and audition prep. Kelly has a Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theatre from the University of Northern Colorado. Throughout her career, she has performed professionally for a wide variety of theatres throughout Utah, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Montana, Alaska, and even South Korea.

In addition to performing as a solo artist around the valley, Kelly is the lead vocalist of Salt Lake area party band First Things First, and a regular actress at Desert Star Playhouse.

In the studio, Kelly has vocal experience with a broad range of projects, including original composition albums, character voice-overs, several original cast recordings, and radio ads.

Kelly's voice students perform in two studio recitals a year, plus optional community performances at senior living centers in both Salt Lake and Tooele valley. Kelly's students study and build repertoire in all genres of music.


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Mary Dupaix received her baccalaureate degree in Vocal Performance from the University of Utah where she studied with Dr. Carol Ann Allred. Prior to attending the University of Utah she studied voice with David Schmidt. Music was a tradition in her family and each of her siblings grew up playing an instrument. Her chosen instrument was the clarinet. She started playing clarinet in 3rd grade and continued with it through high school. However, singing was the thing she most enjoyed. Her senior year in High School found her involved in band as well as being a member of both the A'Cappella Choir and Madrigals. After high school she sang with the Mormon Youth Symphony and Chorus and the Utah Oratorio Society. Besides singing, she enjoys theater and has played small roles in Community Theater as well as in the Utah Lyric Opera's productions of Don Giovanni and Suor Angelica.


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Cherilyn was born and raised in Hollywood, California and earned her B.A. in Speech and Drama and from BYU. She studied opera with the late Metropolitan Opera singer Margaret Romaine in L.A. In NYC, she studied and developed a unique vocal training program to safely develop voices using healing voice therapy principles created by the legendary Oren Brown. She worked extensively with Sara Louise Lazarus, specializing in David Craig's song interpretation. She has also studied Jan Sullivan's safe pop-belt technique. In addition to technique and song interpretation, she coaches singers in audition skills, repertoire and recording studio/mic techniques and the art of the cabaret performance.

Cherilyn is pleased to be opening her new voice studio in the Salt Lake area where she offers her theatrical and vocal experience to help singers find their uniquely authentic voices. She not only teaches voice technique across the classical, Broadway legit, belt, pop and character styles, but she also teaches the total singer-actor, integrating the highly effective principles of song interpretation for both audition prep and performance. She is also bringing a version of her NYC workshop to the area this summer.

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I love the gift of song. I received my Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance back East from George Mason University in 2007, and graduated Summa Cum Laude. I have sung at the Department of State in Washington, DC, as well as several competitions. Since moving to Utah in 2008 I have studied both with Dr. Carol Ann Allred and Dr. Arden Hopkin. In 2009 I became a member of the Volunteer Music Crew at Primary Children's Medical Center, and have had the wonderful experience of singing for patients and their families on a regular basis. I have thoroughly enjoyed performing in several local productions, my favorites being Savior of the World, the role of Mabel in Pirates of Penzance, and Rapunzel in Into the Woods. I love teaching voice, from Classical to Music Theater, and believe everyone who wants to sing should be given the opportunity. I especially enjoy teaching beginning singers and those who experience performance anxiety. I offer a warm and friendly environment to help singers become more confident in their own gift of song.


Lynnette Owens

Carnegie Hall’s packed house gave a 10-minute standing ovation and welcoming shouts when Lynnette Owens soloed in Mozart’s Requiem and Vesperae solennes de confessore.  She has thrilled audiences and critics alike with her operatic performances that have included Madama Butterfly in Puccini’s Madama Butterfly, Minnie in Puccini’s La Fanciulla del West, Mimi in Puccini’s La Bohème, and Tosca in Puccini’s Tosca amongst numerous others. She has now created singing opportunities for singers here in Utah by founding Lyrical Opera Theater, an intimate opera company that not only produces full operatic productions but entertains Utah audiences with concert style entertainment. She has performed with the Lyrical Opera Theater, Rome Festival Opera, Utah Symphony & Opera, Amici Opera, Des Moines Metro Opera, Utah Festival Opera, Sarasota Opera, MidAmerica Productions, the American West Symphony and the Da Camera Choir and Symphony of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. She started playing piano when she was five years old and performs advanced piano solos in Utah providing high class, inspiring entertainment for many audiences.


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Julie Ann Reed, a Lyric Soprano and native of Salt Lake City, comes from a family with a rich heritage in music and the arts. She has participated in many musical events throughout the community, including solo and duet recitals; weekly solo work for various churches; oratorios; choral works; orchestra engagements; and local operatic roles, and won first place in many nationally sponsored vocal competitions. She performed in local choirs while raising her 4 children, and has resumed her teaching and solo performances since then.

Julie is very pleased to teach students of all ages how to improve their singing abilities and to prepare them for auditions and performances. She uses the vocal techniques and language skills taught by her mother Marion Miller, recently retired from the University of Utah vocal music department.

Students learn in a safe and enjoyable environment to sing with a comfortable, relaxed sound through correct techniques including deep breathing, correct vocal placement and posture, improved confidence, and performance skills. Julie teaches many songs in the beauty of their original languages, including English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Czech and Russian. Each year Julie holds a combined student recital for the students' families and friends to share the songs and techniques each student has learned within the year. Individual performances and recitals are encouraged, but not required.