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Victoria Sethunya

Victoria Sethunya

 Victoria was born and raised in The Kingdom of Lesotho. She is a mother, teacher, singer, author, former juvenile justice advocate and former pharmacy worker.

Growing up in Africa, she was surrounded by people speaking different languages.

She has been teaching for over ten years.  She taught in a Pharmacy School in Lesotho for over five years, volunteered as an English as a Second Language (ESL) tutor at Weber State for about one year and has taught in local ESL schools for a combined period of about 5 years. 
As an immigrant, she believes that immigrants who want to learn English should not have to choose between a buying a bus pass and paying for an English. That is why she is offering free English classes to those who can not afford to pay. 
So,  Welcome to  Victoria's English in Studio  E!


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