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Sheryl AhlbergSheryl Ahlberg

Sheryl teaches piano, guitar, and flute to students of all ages from beginning to intermediate and advanced levels. She has played the piano since 7 years of age and added flute while still in elementary school and acoustic, classical and electric guitar later as an adult. Sheryl loves to teach and would especially love to help you have a great experience with music, whether you are starting from “scratch” or continuing from where you are now. Music participation is empowering and fun! So get ready to have a great time making and sharing your music!




Saxophonist Dale Lee has performed as a professional musician for 25 years, taught privately for 15 and at private schools for 7 years. He has been the band leader of Swingorillas, Nova Paradiso and presently of Swoon and Global Cocktail. Was a member of Thirsty Alley, GNP, Insatiable and Voodoo Box, and some of the groups he has performed with include the Violent Femmes, Ike Willis and Chunga's Revenge and Salt Lake Alternative Jazz Orchestra.

Dale has recorded on over 20 cds, composed for national television shows and some of his compositions have been on worldwide compilations.

Although a multi-instrumentalist, his primary instruments are tenor, alto and baritone saxophone and trumpet. He studied English and Music at the University of Utah.

As a teacher, Dale believes it is important for each student to have a balanced and thorough understanding of their instrument. Students will be taught tone development, technique, theory, improvisation, scales, chords, range extension, history and overall musicality. Dale will provide insight to both jazz and classical styles; however, if a style is preferred, he will specialize for that student. Music is an art. Art is the ability to create and recreate reality according to one's own volition. Music is a combination of intellect, emotion and physical prowess. Consequently, a studied and dedicated practice of these elements may lead to the highest form of creativity. As a teacher, Dale's job is to help each student reach whatever creative heights they desire.