Wee Musicians: Piano Accompaniment to Wee Violin, Wee Viola and Wee Cello



Wee Violin: World Music Preparatory to Twinkle will bring joy in learning, solid foundational technique and beautiful music into your beginning violin lessons. It is the only early childhood violin curriculum using traditonal music from around the world, focused exclusively on foundational technique and specifically deisnged for the needs of young children.

Whether you are a “wee” child embarking on a violin journey, or part of the family, community or world supporting a young child, together “wee” can make music.

Music children love
From the stone passing song of Ghana, to the hand clapping song of Mexico, Wee Violin is music that children all around the world sing and use in play naturally, without adult instruction. With rich harmonies, melodies and a variety of tonalities and meters, families will find it effortless to listen, sing and dance to the music with their child. In turn, children instinctively imitate Wee Violin music on their instrument.

Techniques teachers love
While children are playing music they love, teachers can rest assured children are building solid technique. From how to stand, to how to hold the bow, to how to place fingers, each song has been paired with a foundational technique of violin playing, ensuring that every technique has ample time to solidify.

Aural based learning
Just as children learn to speak before they learn to read, so young violinists can learn to play violin before they learn to read music. By first separating rhythm and pitch, left hand and right hand, and then combining them later, Wee Violin makes learning by ear effortless for young children. The digital recording provided gives students the opportunity to listen to and freely imitate what they hear on the instrument.

Graded Repertoire
Wee Violin provides a selection of music for every technique a child needs to learn from their first lesson to level 1 repertoire. No other book provides such a breadth and depth of music for this level 0, or foundational phase of learning.

Technical Drawings
Wee Violin contains over 30 hand drawn illustrations of children’s hands and bodies producing early techniques and exercises. Because adult hands are anatomically different from children’s hands, Wee Violin uses children’s hands as model and outlines them in simple, easy to understand drawings.

Twinkle Preparation
At the conclusion of this book of study, children can effortlessly play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, the first song in many level 1 collections. This allows students to enter level 1 books with a solid foundation and an entire collection repertoire already learned.

MultiCultural Music
Wee Violin contains music passed down from generations and found throughout the world, giving student connections with generations passed and cultures all around.

Books in Series:

Piano Accompaniment Book | Violin Book | Viola Book | Cello Book

• Little Birch Tree
• Dobrú Noc
• Third Little Mouse
• Hop Ol’ Squirrel
• Still, Still, Still
• Dance with Josie
• Ol’ Joe Clark
• Dinosaur, Dinosaur
• Pitter Patter
• Circle ‘Round the Zero
• A La Rueda
• Cabbages
• To Aroha
• Obwisana
• Hotaru Koi
• One Little Owl
• Banaha
• Zum Gali Gali
• Swallowtail Jib
• Feng Yang
• Canoe Song
• John the Rabbit
• Mighty Pretty Motion
• Biddy Biddy
• Los Pollitos
• Aniel, Aniele Odi Vass
• Turn Cinnamon Turn
• Alee Gallooa Galloo
• Chiapanecas
• Caranguejo
• Diddle, Diddle Dumpling
• Vengan a Ver
• Annie was the Miller’s Daughter

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