Twenty-Five Easy and Progressive Studies for the Piano, Op. 100


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Schirmer Library of Classics Volume 500

La Candeur (Sincerity) • L'Arabesque (Arabesque) • La Pastorale (Pastorale) La Petite Reunion (The Little Party) • Innocence • Progres (Progress) • Le Courant Limpide (The Limpid Stream) • La Gracieuse (Cracefulness) • La Chasse (The Chase) • Tendre Fleur (Tender Flower) • La Bergeronnette (The Young Shepherdess) • L'Adieu (The Farewell) • Consolation • La Styrienne (Austrian Dance) • Ballade • Douce Plainte (Gentle Lament) • La Babillarde (The Chatterbox) • Inquietude (Restlessness) • Ave Maria • La Tarentelle (Tarantella) • L'Harmonie des Anges (The Harmony of the Angels) • Barcarolle • Le Retour (The Return) • L'hirondelle (The Swallow) • Chevaleresque (Gallantry)

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