San’Bonani/Namhla Kudibene



  • Traditional Zulu
    arr. Micharl Barrett
  • Choral MusicMen's VoicesFolk

  • Languages: Zulu
  • Accompaniment: A cappella
  • Catalog #: SBMP1499
  • Publisher: Santa Barbara Music Publishing

  • Publisher: The Lorenz Corporation
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A typical greeting in Zulu culture, this arrangement is written with the call-and-response technique so strongly associated with traditional South African music. The soloists can be male or female and can take their time when performing their parts. The “Hololo hololo” response from the choir is jubilant and may contain ululating and other traditional African vocal sounds. Simple hand gestures and waving toward the audience is appropriate. This is a perfect opener and an opportunity for a choir to be walking among the audience as they welcome them. Available for treble and tenor-bass voices.

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