Original Shubb Capo for Ukulele (Tenor, Concert, & Soprano Ukes, some Bari ukes)


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The Shubb C9b Original capo eschews the contoured lever of their Standard and Deluxe models, instead employing the classic Shubb design that’s been all the rage for more than three decades. This capo’s patented over-center locking action ensures smooth operation and unrivaled ease of use. Its soft rubber pad works like a fingertip, while its closing action is engineered like your hand, so the capo doesn’t pull your guitar’s strings off center — no retuning necessary. The Original Shubb capo is made of plain, non-plated brass, giving it a vintage, rustic-like appearance. That said, if you polish it, it shines like gold. Small, stylish, and unobtrusive, the Shubb C9b is tailor-made for ukuleles of all shapes and sizes, including tenors, sopranos, concerts, and baritones.

Fits most tenor, soprano, concert, and baritone ukuleles

Boasts Shubb’s legendary 40-year-old capo design

Patented over-center locking action ensures smooth operation and unrivaled ease of use

Soft rubber pad works like your fingertip, so it doesn’t bend your strings over your guitar’s frets

Closing action is similar to that of your hand, so it doesn’t pull your strings off center

Eliminates the need to retune your instrument after installing the capo

Fast, easy installation via a single lever

Made of plain, non-plated brass for a vintage, rustic-like appearance

Small, stylish, and unobtrusive

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