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Myklas Music Press was highly regarded for its extensive catalogue of quality elementary and intermediate supplemental piano music. The pieces that are included in Myklas Contest Winners represent Myklas's most popular and effective solos drawn from festival and contest lists.

Divided into four graded collections, outstanding and time-tested solos are made available again by Rhonda Bennett, Ronald Bennett, Rosemary Barrett Byers, Lynne Cox, Anne Shannon Demarest, Mary Hauber, Ernest Kramer, Joyce Schatz Pease, Ruth Perdew, John Robert Poe, Catherine Rollin, Mike Springer, Robert D. Vandall, and Judy East Wells.

Book 1 includes pieces appropriate for early elementary to elementary students. Reading range is limited and coordination between the hands is simple.

• Bubble Blues (by Ruth Perdew)
• Clown Serenade (by John Robert Poe)
• The Crab (by Lynne Cox)
• The Lion Roars (by Ruth Perdew)
• Marching Tune (by John Robert Poe)
• The Minnow (by Lynne Cox)
• Monkey Blues (by Ruth Perdew)
• Now You See Him, Now You Don't! (by John Robert Poe)
• Pandas on Parade (by Ernest Kramer)
• Rain Forest (by Robert D. Vandall)
• Trumpet Fanfare (by Robert D. Vandall)
• The Whale (by Lynne Cox)
• Who Has Seen the Wind? (by Mary Hauber)
• Windflowers (by Anne Shannon Demarest)

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