Left-Hand Solos, Book 1: Classical Themes



The perfect answer for broken fingers, broken arms, sprained wrists, fingers with band-aids, and arms with casts.

“Out of the Past” is a Federation Festivals 2016-2020 selection.

• Can't Help Singing (by Hugo Reinhold)
• Silvery Waves (by Addison P. Wyman)
• Deep Valley (by H.C. MacDougall)
• Rolling Along (by Paul Hiller)
• Plus and Minus (by Robert Schumann)
• Sunset Waltz (by Friedrich Wieck)
• Out of the Past (by Carl Czerny)
• Spring Song (by Felix Mendelssohn)
• Arkansas Traveler (by Traditional American)
• Serenade (by Ethelbert Nevin)
• Doing Things on a Big Scale (by Albert Biehl)
• Memories of You (by Cornelius Gurlitt)
• Robin Adair (by Scottish Air)
• Halo on the Moon (by Arthur Foote)
• Longing (by Franz Schubert)
• Cuckoo Clock (by Emil Breslaur)
• Farewell to the Piano (by Ludwig van Beethoven)

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