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    Piano Solo

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    arr. Phillip Keveren
  • Piano MusicPopularDisneyMovie & T.V.

  • Level / Grade: Advanced
  • Series: The Phillip Keveren Series
  • Accompaniment: Solo, Unaccompanied
  • Format: Musicbook/Songbook
  • Catalog #: 00249097
  • Publisher: Hal Leonard

  • Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation
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This unique collection features four suites (Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, and The Little Mermaid) designed to be concert showpieces for advanced students or professional pianists. Each suite includes five favorite tunes from the beloved Disney movies. They were written and arranged by Phillip Keveren to both honor the beauty and integrity of the original songs and to provide the accomplished pianist with well-crafted material worth rehearsing and presenting. Perfect material for the pianist looking to add lighter music to their programs.


• Arabian Nights (from ALADDIN)

• Be Our Guest (from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST)

• Be Prepared (from THE LION KING)

• Beauty and the Beast (from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST)


• Can You Feel the Love Tonight (from THE LION KING)

• Circle of Life (from THE LION KING)

• Fathoms Below (from THE LITTLE MERMAID)

• Friend Like Me (from ALADDIN)

• Gaston (from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST)

• Hakuna Matata (from THE LION KING)

• I Just Can't Wait to Be King (from THE LION KING)

• Kiss the Girl (from THE LITTLE MERMAID)

• Les Poissons (from THE LITTLE MERMAID)

• One Jump Ahead (from ALADDIN)

• Part of Your World (from THE LITTLE MERMAID)

• Prince Ali (from ALADDIN)

• Something There (from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST)

• Under the Sea (from THE LITTLE MERMAID)

• A Whole New World (from ALADDIN)

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